Reflection of Interactive Animals Project

For our group’s animal, we were assigned the Golden Lion Tamarin. We met with our biologist to find out more about this animal and decide on a way to approach an interactive kiosk.

After our preproduction critique, we reevaluated our approach to the design of the experience. Originally, we were going to create animations on a dry-erase board, but later determined that our time would be better spent creating animations digitally.

As a group, we decided that we would split up the tasks in a way that would leave our design cohesive in the end. Rather than each of us creating animations and coloring, we delegated tasks to each person. Continue reading

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Documentation of Interactive Animals Project

documentation from Danielle Kanuck on Vimeo.



Above is a video containing the documentation of an interactive animals project. Our group was tasked with creating an interactive experience that kids could enjoy while learning about an animal. Our assigned animal was the Golden Lion Tamarins that live in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil.

We showed our pieces at the Rochester Museum of Science on December 1 and 2 of 2017.

We received positive feedback from our showing. A lot of the parents were impressed with how everything was put together, including the aesthetic. Our group wanted to make a piece that resembled a children’s coloring book. Many of the kids that passed by and interacted with the game were interested in the animations more so than the facts. They were also very interested in the coloring pages we had at our booth.

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Interaction Review: Lake Ontario Simulation

For my interaction review, I decided to evaluate the Lake Ontario Dive Simulation at the Rochester Museum of Science. The interaction comes from stepping inside the simulation car and sitting in front of a screen for about seven and a half minutes. Inside, there are multiple rows to sit in because this is meant for multiple people to enjoy and learn with at once. Once the door closes and you are sitting inside, a video starts and the simulation begins. This is intended to communicate information about Lake Ontario and some of its history. A video was played with actors that took participants underwater and through tunnels (submarine simulation). The entire simulation car would turn and shake to make participants feel as if they were truly in a submarine in Lake Ontario.

The stronger elements of this interaction were the movements of the simulation car along with the big screen. While sitting in the front row, your brain make you start to feel as if you are really being shaken around in underwater tunnels. This effectively immerses participants in the simulation. The design of the underwater space was not particularly believable as real, however, the design was cohesive. Everything felt like it belonged. The animation style and colors/shading were all blending together seamlessly.

By sitting in the simulation car, you need to let yourself have some suspension from reality and believe that you are really going to be in a submarine. The darkness and shape of the simulation car do help with this. It is as if you are sitting inside of a metal tube.

This interaction could be improved by adding elements that would let participants interact further. Buttons could be added to the inside that when pressed, would turn on a light in the simulation so that participants could see clearer underwater. The simulation video itself is very old. The design elements in it are clearly indicative of outdated filming and editing techniques. If this were redone with more enhanced technology and script writing, this could be more fun for children. It is already very educational for a seven and a half minute interaction.

Adding functions and buttons to the simulation could make this more enjoyable. Things such as horns for underwater to scare fish away, something to throw nets to catch fish to learn more about them, or even just a button to turn on a light to explore could make this more rewarding. If this were set up more like a virtual reality game, I could definitely see this as being more educational and rewarding to play. Instead of sitting through a video while being rocked around in the dark, participants could be rocked around as a result of their actions like steering or shooting something (net or ray of light).

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Video Art

Video Art from Danielle Kanuck on Vimeo.

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” -Edgar Allan Poe

Sound Effects from:,,,

As with any video artwork piece, many interpretations can be made. My interpretation may not be the same as anyone else’s, but below I will explain where my thoughts had come from. I encourage anyone to watch the video before reading what my intentions were. Continue reading

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Animals Project-Preproduction Update

After meeting with my group today, we discussed some changes for our project. Based on the feedback we received, we realized that our concept was not getting the ideas we needed across.

The new concept is going to feature a small group of tamarins in the middle of the screen, still in the forest. We will have four onscreen buttons that will trigger a different animation. Each button will relate to the tamarins daily life activities: eating, sleeping, playing, and grooming. Continue reading

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Animals Project-Preproduction

Above are the assets I have designed for our group project surround Golden Lion Tamarins. In our group, we decided to go with a child’s coloring book aesthetic. I focused mainly on the design for the food that Tamarins eat and the starburst that appears behind it when tapped/touched on screen. I came up with three designs for three types of foods that Tamarins eat: snails, berries, and flowers.

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Video Artwork Proposal

For my video artwork I would like to focus on the poet, Edgar Allan Poe. Poe was a huge inspiration to me back when I was interested in creative writing, and I would like to be able to bring that inspiration to my video work as well. I would like to pull a few themes from some of his short stories and poems and focus on the quote, “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” Possible use of candles flickering, masks, dramatic lighting, and a pulsing sound (like the heartbeat in “The Tell-Tale Heart”).

I want the aesthetic to follow the general feel that Poe’s stories and poems embody: dark, dreary, with a hint of insanity. I don’t really want things to make too much sense, which would also link back to the quote.

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