Documentary- College Life: The Struggle

Updated video:

The following video addresses and fixes a weird jump cut in and interview scene, along with an issue with one of the clips with my laptop in it where a message from premiere pro popped up and stayed on screen.

College Life_3 from Danielle Kanuck on Vimeo.

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Interactive Media Check-in 2

Continuing today with the collaboration project, I focused on drawing some of the coral designs I had sketched out last class. I managed to come up with a concept for the plate coral as an obstacle choice. So far there are three colors in the concept: orange, purple, and red.


I was also able to start a drawing of the sponge from a sketch last class. It is unfinished as of now and will be altered.


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Interactive Media Check-in 1

For our current project, we are collaborating with CIT students to produce a game. The game I have been focusing on is the Underwater Tactics RPG. After coming together with my group, I decided to work on the obstacle assets. So far, I’ve come up with a few possible sketches for coral obstacles that will cover one tile of the game grid and one concept for a large rock that will cover multiple tiles.

During class today, I worked on the design for the fan coral. I also created two concepts for (a) multi-tile rock(s) in Adobe Illustrator and MediBangPaintPro.

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Interaction Review 2

Juicy game design and interaction-

Game 1: Bounzy

Bounzy is a strategy game for mobile devices. You play as a mage that shoots spells against block-like enemies. After each turn, the enemies will move one unit closer to you, unless your spells hit them and bounce off of them enough times to lower their health to zero. When the game opens, there is upbeat music with a lot of trumpet noise in the background. There are clouds that slowly move and fade behind the big red play button. Continue reading

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Level Design – Game

bunny-dash-gameplay from Danielle Kanuck on Vimeo.


Above is a short video of my first game built in Unity. The level design was built for the purpose of understanding difficulty curves in video games. This level design is not particularly hard, but the idea of a difficulty curve is that it slowly introduces players to new obstacles and ways to get around them. After players learn about getting by an obstacle, they are then met with more. As the level goes on, the obstacles become more difficult to get past.

In this game, players control a blue rabbit past rocks to get to the rainbow goal on the opposite end of the level. The rabbit can move left, right, up, or down, in this 2D platform, but it is restricted to the dirt path. Don’t hit the rocks, or it will be “Game Over” and you be prompted to try again.

Download the game here:

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Documentary Proposal

Documentary on my college life and how to survive. Possibly glossing over typical college problems and how people get around them, or don’t get around them. For instance, the food on campus if you don’t have a kitchen… you can’t exactly get around it. Basically just the experience of a college student at Alfred. I’ll likely use my own experiences to get this done.

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Repurposed Video Part 2

Low:No Budget Avengers from Danielle Kanuck on Vimeo.

For part 2 of this repurposed project, we were tasked with replacing the audio in our edited clips. My idea for this was to make the sound effects sound as bad as possible, making the quality of the big budget movie less. It completely changes the meaning and anticipation that viewers have when watching it. The speaking was taken from text to speech readers with different voices for each character.


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