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Art Influenced Site-Draft 2 Above is the link to my second draft for my art influenced site. I have lifted the text off of the background and added texture to the background. Draft 1 Influence

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Art Influenced Site-Draft The link above leads to my design concept for a website. It contains three pages detailing a “home,” “gallery,” and “article” view. The color scheme and texture comes from the influences from photographs I took. Influence

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Art Related Site-Artistic Inspiration

I have chosen three photographs that I have taken that I plan to pull inspiration from when designing a website. As an aspiring photographer, the artistic ally that I have chosen is Art Wolfe. He is an American photographer who is best … Continue reading

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Adobe Xd Tutorial After going through the Adobe Xd tutorial, this is what I have finished.

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Composite Image: Inside the Mind

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Storytelling Through a Photograph

For this project, we were given quotes at random. From these quotes, we were able to go in any direction we chose with them. In order to complete the composite photograph above, I used two different software programs: Adobe Lightroom and … Continue reading

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Self Portrait

This gallery contains 2 photos.

For this piece, my goal was to create a self-portrait that wasn’t as boring as straight-on portraits. This is a composite piece that I shot and put together using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. I wanted to create a double … Continue reading

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