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Documentary- College Life: The Struggle

Updated video: The following video addresses and fixes a weird jump cut in and interview scene, along with an issue with one of the clips with my laptop in it where a message from premiere pro popped up and stayed … Continue reading

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Interactive Media Check-in 2

Continuing today with the collaboration project, I focused on drawing some of the coral designs I had sketched out last class. I managed to come up with a concept for the plate coral as an obstacle choice. So far there … Continue reading

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Interactive Media Check-in 1

For our current project, we are collaborating with CIT students to produce a game. The game I have been focusing on is the Underwater Tactics RPG. After coming together with my group, I decided to work on the obstacle assets. … Continue reading

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Interaction Review 2

Juicy game design and interaction- Game 1: Bounzy Bounzy is a strategy game for mobile devices. You play as a mage that shoots spells against block-like enemies. After each turn, the enemies will move one unit closer to you, unless … Continue reading

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Level Design – Game

bunny-dash-gameplay from Danielle Kanuck on Vimeo.   Above is a short video of my first game built in Unity. The level design was built for the purpose of understanding difficulty curves in video games. This level design is not particularly … Continue reading

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Documentary Proposal

Documentary on my college life and how to survive. Possibly glossing over typical college problems and how people get around them, or don’t get around them. For instance, the food on campus if you don’t have a kitchen… you can’t … Continue reading

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Repurposed Video Part 2

Low:No Budget Avengers from Danielle Kanuck on Vimeo. For part 2 of this repurposed project, we were tasked with replacing the audio in our edited clips. My idea for this was to make the sound effects sound as bad as … Continue reading

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