Reflection of Interactive Animals Project

For our group’s animal, we were assigned the Golden Lion Tamarin. We met with our biologist to find out more about this animal and decide on a way to approach an interactive kiosk.

After our preproduction critique, we reevaluated our approach to the design of the experience. Originally, we were going to create animations on a dry-erase board, but later determined that our time would be better spent creating animations digitally.

As a group, we decided that we would split up the tasks in a way that would leave our design cohesive in the end. Rather than each of us creating animations and coloring, we delegated tasks to each person. One person created the animations, one person was in charge of color design, and one person was in charge of text and sound design.

In my group, I was in charge of color design, coloring each asset, and creating the food assets that would be put into the eating animation. I created the button design and color for those as well.

By having each person in charge of one aspect, we were able to create a design that looked as if all of the pieces belonged together.

After the internal beta testing, our game only had a few tweaks that were needed. Some resizing needed to be done on the assets and some sound adjustments were needed. We used Unity to put together our game, however, a different program may have been a better idea since we used gif and video files with audio files. We ran into some audio playback problems through Unity, where if a button was clicked, everything except the voiced narrations would play. This was solved by double clicking on the buttons.

After the external beta test, we decided that we would have 5 different coloring pages for children to be able to color while others were interacting with the game. I designed the 5 pages using the assets we, as a group, had previously created.

We received many positive responses. We got the most feedback from children during the external beta testing, which was very positive. However, during the installation, we received the most feedback from parents. The children seemed more interested in the coloring pages or the animations, rather than the facts about Tamarin life.

Color for background (another group member designed the background line work):

full outlines (was not used in game)


foreground outlines


Food Designs and color:





Flower (which was not used in the game)



Button Design Options


Button Designs on BackgroundnoOutline_ButtonOvalnoOutline_ButtonHexnoOutline_ButtonCircle

Chosen Button Design Color Options

Button Design Glow (not used in game)



Button Design Juice Interaction (not used in game)


Button Design Glow with chosen colors (not used in game)


Button Design Juice Interaction with chosen colors


Tamarin Animation Frame Color (another group member designed the line work for the frames). Each frame was colored separately in order to achieve a movement for their fur when the animations were put together.

Coloring pages. I went over the animation frames that another group member had made to make them smoother for the coloring pages. I also used the food outlines that I had previously created. I added outlines to the background coloring page because in our game we had decided to only use outlines in the foreground.




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