Animals Project-Preproduction Update

After meeting with my group today, we discussed some changes for our project. Based on the feedback we received, we realized that our concept was not getting the ideas we needed across.

The new concept is going to feature a small group of tamarins in the middle of the screen, still in the forest. We will have four onscreen buttons that will trigger a different animation. Each button will relate to the tamarins daily life activities: eating, sleeping, playing, and grooming. After the animation plays, a second screen will come up with a close up animation of that action and a “fun fact” that will also be read aloud so that children can understand what is happening.

Our aesthetic has also changed slightly. We are still going for something like a children’s coloring book, but we are no longer going to use a dry-erase board to animate. It is all going to be done digitally.

Preproduction-Old Concept





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