Documentary- College Life: The Struggle

Updated video:

The following video addresses and fixes a weird jump cut in and interview scene, along with an issue with one of the clips with my laptop in it where a message from premiere pro popped up and stayed on screen.

College Life_3 from Danielle Kanuck on Vimeo.

Old video:

College Life_2 from Danielle Kanuck on Vimeo.
Above is the completed documentary on my college experience so far at SUNY Alfred. It glosses over some of the struggles I’ve come across so far in a more lighthearted way. I’ve gone through some typical college problems and a few things I’ve learned.

This documentary changed multiple times while I was filming and putting it together. Some changes were due to outside circumstances that were beyond my control and needed my attention, while others were simply a change in aesthetic. The direction of my documentary never changed; it was always going to be about college life and typical problems. However, I think if I had the time and chance to redo this project with different equipment, I’d want to get outside interviews with other college students.

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