Self Portrait


For this piece, my goal was to create a self-portrait that wasn’t as boring as straight-on portraits. This is a composite piece that I shot and put together using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. I wanted to create a double exposure type look with two images portraying different moods. I used dark portrait photography because it gave a more dramatic look. The two images used here are one of myself smiling, and a second of myself making a “freak out” face as if highly stressed or anxious. My goal was to show two sides of myself: calm and collected, or anxious.

In order to accomplish this, I first needed to set up my area and take the pictures. I set up my lights and a plain backdrop to make for easy editing and masking later on. After taking what felt like, and probably was, around 100 pictures, my next step was to look through them and decide which ones to use. The most difficult part of this was trying to set the camera timer and get back into the same spot I was in before moving. After correcting the colors in Lightroom, I used frequency separation in Photoshop to smooth out the skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes and impurities on the skin. The final step was to combine the two images. By using different layer styles and different opacity values, I was able to accomplish the look in the final version of my self-portrait.

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