Clay Skeleton


The objective of this piece was to create a skeleton out of clay. This skeleton was abstracted more and more as it got closer to the extremities. With limited time to work, I am very pleased with the outcome of this. This was my first attempt working with clay, and I found it very difficult at first. Clay has a tendency to get too soft when worked with for too long because of the warmth from being moved. In order to get this piece to stay standing under the weight of the clay, it needed to be bent down into this position. It was difficult to get the sculpture to stay balanced. However, once bending it to this position, I found that it added a creepy feeling and look to it. From the side, it offers more of a giddy feeling. The teeth in the skull look almost like a smile, and the way the body is positioned makes it look like it’s dancing-in the newer pop culture “twerking” style. The contrast in the two feelings gives an overall confusing vibe. Like most people-depending on what side you see first, it will shape your first impression. Often times the first side you see of someone is not who they really are when you see their true colors.

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