Bone Study








The idea for my bone study changed from my initial intention into what it is now. Originally I had planned to use both the left and right arms to create a composition, however when I went to photograph the skeleton, only one arm was there. Instead of using just the one arm, I decided to go in a completely different direction to get away from my old idea. I used the left leg and foot for this piece. I decided to take the femur and patella and move them to cross over the tibia and fibula. I played around with their placements a bit before deciding that I liked the off centered “X” shape they made. After photographing the bones, I took the picture into photoshop and turned it into a black and white image.

I decided that I did not like projecting images onto the page, like I had done for my self portrait, so this time, I used a grid. I printed out my image of the bones and created a grid over the surface of the image. By creating a grid on my bienfang that was twice the size of my image, I was able to work square by square to recreate the outline of it. I chose to use graphite to give myself a chance to work in a medium other than charcoal. It also adheres to bienfang better than charcoal does (which would smear much more).

I used many value shifts to create this piece. I also tried to keep the femur and patella the main focus of the piece by using sharper lines and edges around them. Since they were the ones on top and in theory, closest to the viewer, I wanted them to be more in focus. Most of the outlines have been taken out of the composition and replaced with value shifts. Some still remain for the sake of clarity, but I like how they turned out. Bones have many subtleties to them and many different plane shifts. Because of this, they are very difficult to capture and portray. The background was left white so that the bones and the minimal shadows would not be lost. The white background also leaves the focus on the bones.

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