Self Portrait





The purpose of this project was to create a self portrait in a composition that tells something about myself. I believe that eyes are very expressive, and I tend to line my eyes in thick black eyeliner so they stand out on my face. Because of this, I decided that I wanted a composition that would focus on my eye(s). Choosing to show only one eye leaves the rest to be imagined and thought about by a viewer. Also, by having the eye looking straight forward, it is engaging to the viewer.

I feel that I have met my intent in this project. The contrast around the eye helps to bring it to attention. Because the eye is a very light value, and it is lined in a dark value and then surrounded by the dark value of the hair, it stands out. Having the composition tilted slightly adds interest to the piece because it is not done in a traditional portrait way, which would be straight up and down. I chose to keep my glasses out because of the glare I would get while taking pictures; it would hide my eyes, which would negate my intent.

Working with charcoal has been a challenge, although it is getting easier the more I do with it. I have been able to see improvement in my skills with it over the semester. Looking back to when I first did a large project with charcoal (last semester), I can see that I have dramatically improved with shading and creating form with it. Starting with the chair project last semester; my outcome looked nothing like a realistic chair with a blanket. However, with this self portrait, it is recognizable as a face, hair, and shirt.


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