Creation Comic

Final Version:


My creation comic follows the story of how life came to be on earth. The creation story I used was “Life from Moon and the Stars” from the Wakaranga people. These people were located in what is modern-day Zimbabwe. I started this process off with research of Zimbabwe to gain an understanding of the animals and culture there.

According to the story, Moon was made and lived alone. There also was not anything on land before his first wife was sent to him. So the first panel with him, and the second panel (the half surround him) is very plain and empty. I chose dark and gloomy colors for this because it helps to convey Moon’s feelings of loneliness. Things get brighter after his first wife, Morningstar. However, the last panel shows the dark and gloomy outcome of Moon and his second wife, Eveningstar. Eveningstar brought more life, but with that life, she also brought the animals that plague humanity, and the world was no longer a paradise. The colors and clothing used in the comic are from the country of Zimbabwe. The colors of the clothing are from the Zimbabwean flag.

I used what I learned from reading Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud in creating this comic as well. The style my comic is mainly done in is “Scene to Scene” except for in the third and fourth frames with the hands. In those frames, I used a “Moment to Moment” scene change because it was more poignant. The words take the reader through the story and help to explain what is happening, without the need to show each of the characters slowly moving through the scene. It allows for more of the story to be shown in the five panels with the viewers mind filling in the spaces in between the scenes. The gutters are deliberately left small to move the story along quicker. According to Scott McCloud, the smaller the gutter, the faster time seems to go. Since there is no dialogue in the creation story, there is no dialogue in the comic. There is a narration though, and that is there to help the reader understand what is going on from scene to scene. I kept the characters fairly plain and simple because they were not described in the creation story. It also serves to help the reader imagine themselves there, or just to simply fall into the story more. They are focused on the story instead of a specific person in the story.

This was a little challenging for me, especially since it involved making characters. From my last character design project to this one, I have improved a little. I was able to keep my character consistent throughout the three panels he is shown in while drawing him in different poses. Drawing in Adobe Illustrator is more difficult for me because I can not turn what I am working on, like I could with a piece of paper. However, I have noticed that I am gaining more control over the line weights and figuring out how to vary them.

Creation Story:

Life from Moon and the Stars

Before there was any life on earth, God made a man and named him Moon. He sent Moon to live on the bottom of the sea, but Moon wanted to live on the land. Despite God’s warnings of how hard life would be, Moon went to live on land.

Eventually the lifelessness of the land made Moon so unhappy that he wept. God took pity on Moon and sent him a wife named Morningstar to keep him company for two years. When Morningstar came from heaven to live with Moon, she brought fire with her, for it had not existed on earth before. She built a fire in the middle of Moon’s hut and slept on the side opposite him. In the night, however, he crossed over and made love to her. By the next morning, she was swollen, and she gave birth to the grasses and trees and other plants, and soon the world was green with life. The trees grew until they touched the sky, and then the first rain fell from the clouds that they touched. Thus life on the land flourished, and Moon and Mornngstar led a bountiful life in their new paradise.

At the end of her two years, Morningstar returned to the heavens to live there forever. Again Moon wept in his loneliness. God offered him another wife, but he warned Moon that this time the husband would die after two years. Thus Eveningstar came to live with moon. When they first made love, she gave birth to goats and sheep and cows on the next day. On the day after that, she gave birth to the antelopes and birds. On the third day, boys and girls were born.

Moon wanted to sleep again with Eveningstar, but God warned him that he should not. He did so, however, and on the next day Eveningstar gave birth to the lions, the leopards, the snakes, and the scorpions that plague humankind because Moon ignored the warning.

As Moon’s daughters grew up, they became beautiful, and he wanted to sleep with them too. He did so, and they had many children. Thus Moon came to rule over a far-flung kingdom of his descendents. Eveningstar was jealous, however, and she sent a snake to bite her unfaithful husband. He soon fell ill, and the rainfall that his people had enjoyed stopped. As the rivers dried up and famine began, his people concluded that it was his fault. Eventually they rose up and strangled him, and they set another man in his place as king.

The people threw Moon’s body in the ocean, but he rose from the sea to the skies to seek his first wife Morningstar, in hope of reliving their life in the paradise they had made.

Creation Story Research




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