Max7 Screen Capture of patcher

ScreenCap from Danielle Kanuck on Vimeo.

The video above shows how to build the patch in Max7. This patch plays quicktime videos in different resolutions by sending the video through different pixel dimensions.

In order to play your own video from Max, you need to add it to its library, which is the very first thing shown in the clip. The “read” command tells Max to search through its video library and find a video that matches the title that you type in after “read.” The “” object with the arguments typed after it is going to tell the movie how to show up. The numbers are the pixel dimensions. The “metro 40” tells the video how fast to play, so the button above the metro will send out a bang to tell it to go. The switch enables the user to change between the two “” objects and change how the video plays-high quality or extremely low quality. The jit.pwindow will show the video playing within the patcher. However the other object, the jit.window will open up a separate window to play the movie in. This window can be named to help differentiate it from others that may be opened. This is done by typing the name you choose for the window after “jit.window.”

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