Typesetting Exercise

Last week I set the type to an Apple Tart recipe for my Digital Foundations class. This exercise was to set type in a hierarchy. The recipe was given at the end of our reading from our class assignment.

What I had done:

Critiques and Advice:

  • Use of italics to show separate parts is well done, along with the bolded ingredients
  • The leading seems a bit tight and could benefit from more space – it may effect the readability
  • The letters seem a little clumped together and the tracking may need to be adjusted to fix that
  • Try increasing the size of the italicized parts
  • Test out a Sans serif font
  • Adjust the leading and kerning


In order to fix the typesetting, I have increased the leading and size difference in some of the type. I have also chosen a sans-serif font for easy readability.

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