Poster Redesign

Original Poster:


Marked-up Poster:


Notes on marks: The picture of the museum is not a good choice. The angle shows the short side of the museum and is not very engaging. The type is relatively the same size, and in each block of text on the poster, it is the exact same size as the rest. There is no hierarchy of information. In the gray block where the text is, the leading is different than the leading between the rest of the lines. Where times are listed, “pm” is used once, but not both times. The two boxes (gray and red) are different heights.

Redesign Draft:


While staying within the parameters of the assignment and sticking as close as possible to the original design, the above picture is my solution to the problems from the original design. However, it was brought to my attention that some of the text was unnecessary and the logo was squished in the original and therefore squished in my redesign. It was also brought up that I had not put much variation into the type sizes and weights.

Redesign Final:


After taking into consideration the critiques on the draft, this is the final design I have come up with.

Poster Option:


This design is here to serve as a completely new direction to take the poster in, as an option.

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