Silhouette Story



Above is the silhouette story from the group made inside of class. The group consists of Zach Sexton, Megan Hendershot, and myself. Our silhouettes tell the story of someone trying to make it through their day while breaking inside. When they shatter, they need those around them to help put them back together and keep them that way. So many people go through life trying to hide their own pain without ever seeking help. It’s important to let those around you and those who care about help you when you need it. It’s much harder to be put back together.


This next image is a silhouette story completed with a group outside of class, consisting of Rebecca Gregory and myself. This image illustrates the uncertainty when meeting new people. What looks like a handshake between two people is usually a peaceful action. The use of contrast in this piece helps to show that nobody really knows the intent of another person just from a handshake. When one person has good intent, the other could have the opposite.

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