Final Logo Redesign

Market 32 Logo Redesign

Original Logo:


First Design:


Final Design:


First Post: Logo Redesign

In the first post, I have my reason for wanting to redesign this logo, my research, references, sketches, and the documentation of my process. However, my basic reason for wanting to redesign this logo is because this company is in the middle of rebranding itself. Their logo does not fit their purpose or send the message that they are trying to tell.

Logo Critique: Critique

After presenting my first design, I received some helpful tips on how to improve upon the logo. The full critique can be found in the link above.

Second Post after edits: Logo Redesign 2

After taking into consideration all from the critique, I came up with a new design. My process and many iterations of the logo can be found there.

After the presentation of the final logo, a few things were brought to my attention. In order to see how functional this final logo is, it is needed to be seen in action. In order to show this, I have created a few images to imply use in the logo.

The specifications for this logo are as follows:

Below is the logo in different sizes as well as in both color and in grayscale:


This was a long process and the helpful critiques made this much easier to come to a conclusion on what I would like the logo to be. In my opinion, this would work much better than the original logo that the company put through.

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