Origami Sculpture

Top      Side

Assane (the above sculpture), or Assana, hails from Ireland. She is a guardian of streams and ponds. It is a fitting role for someone with a name meaning waterfall. She silently sits beside the waters and keeps watch. When waters are troubled, Assane is there to bring peace and serenity back to them.Her favorite waters to watch over are those filled with fish to keep her company. Her odd appearance tends to scare most of the fish away, so she is often very lonely. Since she is so brightly colored, she can’t hide very well, and people can see her odd shape, and they choose to observe and pray from afar. While she doesn’t mind being alone, she loves when the inhabitants of a pond or stream get used to her and come out to play with her. The better mood she is in, the better the water will be.

Through origami the character above was created. The sculpture has unity with the shapes and colors carried throughout the entire thing. Rhythm is also shown in the origami cubes through size and color choice. The paper meeting in the centers and at the vertexes creates a swirling effect that is repeated in each cube.

In order to create this piece, I used two main shapes for my origami. The cubes are made from 24 pieces of paper each, and the tetrahedron shapes are made from 12 pieces each. In order to bond each shape to the next, tape was used to hold them in place. The sculpture itself is approximately two feet long.

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