Logo Redesign 2

After the critique of my logo, I have made some changes and have come up with a finished design. The first design didn’t quite work in some areas. It was not easily readable when smaller, and the outlines disappeared a bit which made the white on white look like a mess. The grayscale version did not translate well because the colors were mixing together and looking muddy in smaller versions. I have made changes in order to fix the issues that were brought to my attention in the first design.

Critique of my logo: Logo Critique

Original Post: Logo Redesign

Sketches, research, and references can be found in the original Logo Redesign post.

Original Logo:


My First Design:


Final Design:


With the basket shape changed, it plays up the “healthy” vibe that the store is trying to sell. I’ve also altered the tracking in the wording to make it easier to read, even when scaled down. I’ve changed the grayscale version of the logo and assigned specific colors to be used so it won’t look muddy when scaled down. I’ve also increased the weight of the outlines in order for them to hold up when in smaller sizes.


Font and Colors:


Iterations before settling on a design:



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