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Market 32 Logo

Market 32 is a new thing from Price Chopper. They are in the midst of rebranding themselves in an effort to gain some new shoppers. Their hopes are to bring in the younger shoppers while maintaining the shoppers they already have. They aim to be more consumer friendly and focus more on health and wellness. The whole store is being made over, and slowly over the next 8-9 years, they will be converting Price Choppers in Market 32s. I personally don’t like the new logo they have chosen to go with, so I have come up with an alternative that I believe would fit much better. This design eventually has the potential to become a symbolic logo (without the use of words), whereas their logo now is only text.





The redesign centers itself around health and wellness, which is a big goal of the rebranding. It also is taking itself back to fresh markets with the addition of the basket as opposed to the leafy number in the original. By removing the unnecessary “By Price Chopper” there was more room to think and move things around. The broken wording in the first logo is just confusing and not very easy to look at and read quickly. By keeping the word together and leaving a small space for “32,” it becomes much easier to read and look at.

Sketches and Research Notes:

Reference Images:

Before settling on a font for this logo, I went through many choices. It was hard to determine which font would be best suited for this, especially since it needed to attract new and younger people, without losing the old customers.

Font choices gone through:


The color scheme was the next obstacle. In order to keep the produce looking bright and healthy, I went with a tetradic scheme. Needing to make sure that the logo would still be visible and not become muddy looking in Black and White was the next step. Finally, the logo needed to work in different sizes. Since this logo was created in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, it was made with vectors and can be resized without issue.


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