Journal/FM 2

BlindContour  WireContour

On the left is a blind contour drawing of one of my classmates. On the right is a wire version of the drawing. This was my first attempt at recreating a drawing with wire. It was a lot harder than I originally anticipated. If I were to attempt this again, I would go back and work with pliers and other hand tools in order to make smaller bends in the wire.

DSCF5575  DSCF5576  DSCF5577

Above are my notes and thoughts from Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, Chapters 1 and 2.

Above are the sketches and notes for a caricature of myself. The feature that I’m going to portray as most important or noticeable about myself is my eyes. In the caricature, they will be much larger in comparison to the rest of my features.



This is the black and white version of my caricature. The huge eyes are the feature I like best about myself and chose to portray here.


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