Journal/FM 1

The human form is something that I don’t know very much about. I can remember a few muscles and bones from back in middle school when we were supposed to memorize the major ones, however, even that is fading. I would love to be able to look at a picture and immediately know which muscle group or bone was pictured, and be able to recall its actual name instead of saying, “Oh, it’s the arm bone!” Drawing emotion is something that I need to get better at as well. I find it very hard to exaggerate in my drawings and move away from the image(s) in my head, and that limits me in what I can do. As gruesome as it may seem, I would like to be able to draw fractured or broken bones. I think that they add something to drawings that the “normal” drawings don’t. I think they’re more relatable to as well. For instance, I broke a toe when I was younger, so to look at a drawing of a broken toe or foot would be more interesting to me than to look at one that was fine.
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