100 Iterations


The piece above is a research project based around chocolate and it’s many forms. By collecting the many different iterations, an artist can go back through their research and use it in character development in the future. There were many google searches used in order to collect all of the images above:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Gourmet Chocolate

  3. Chocolate Tree

  4. Cocoa

  5. Hot Cocoa

  6. Cocoa Bean

  7. Chocolate Cake

  8. Chocolate Pudding

  9. Chocolate Fountain

  10. Chocolate Chip

  11. Chocolate Bunny

  12. Chocolate Lab

  13. Chocolate Cake

  14. Chocolate Syrup

  15. Chocolate Ice Cream

  16. White Chocolate

  17. Dark Chocolate

  18. Chocolate Cookies

  19. Chocolate Strawberries

  20. Chocolate Spread

  21. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

  22. Smores

  23. Red Velvet

  24. Early Chocolate

  25. Foreign Chocolate

  26. Chocolate Phone

  27. Chocolate Sculpture

  28. World Chocolate Masters

  29. Chocolate Plushie

  30. Chocolate and Peanut Butter

  31. All Natural Chocolate

  32. Baking Cocoa

  33. Holiday Chocolate

  34. Scientific Makeup of Chocolate

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