Paper Mask


The contrast between the dark background and the white mask help to put emphasis on the mask. There is balance and unity in this piece with the use of an achromatic color scheme. The flower adds a gentle feeling to the harsh geometric shapes in the rest of the mask. My intention for this project was to make my mask look as intense as possible, yet have a gentle or girly flair. The reason for my mask to have no mouth is so a person is forced to look for emotion elsewhere, like the eyes for example. The eyes in the mask have been made very large in order to emphasize their importance.

MaskProgress1 MaskProgress2 Progress
PhotoDraw Photo

When first coming into this program, I was not as confident in my skills as I am now. I was taken aback at first with how behind in skill level I was from some of my other classmates. There were only a select few mediums that I had used before and I had stuck with them religiously, afraid to branch out and try something new. After starting this program, I was pushed to do more and enhance my drawings. It was very difficult at first, especially since I got frustrated with my work easily and just rushed to get it done. Now that I’ve been here for a while, and I’ve caught on to how things work around here, it has become manageable. By practicing skills over and over and applying them in new ways to each drawing, it has made my art significantly better. I’m very proud of myself and of how far I’ve come as an artist. My work is now more than just one style. I can use shading better and I can draw more realistically. Each new piece that I do, requires time and commitment in order to breathe life into it, and I’m more than happy to do that with each piece.

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