Scale, Depth, and Motion Print

Project5A        Project5

In my print, “Demure” is used to describe myself.  The silhouette is under a high contrast so as to wash out most of my face. It is somewhat recognizable, but not enough to immediately realize who it is, which also fits the shyness part of the definition of demure. The rings in the top right corner also reflect the meaning of demure since they are dainty.

The negative space in the first image has emphasis specifically on the face. The eye is then drawn to the word, “Demure,” and slowly starts to move up to the rings after everything else has been taken in. The scale change in the rings puts more impact on the word demure, since they fall into the definition of it. Since the word in the design starts to get smaller near the end, it also reflects part of the definition; it’s shy and starts to recede. Because the whole image is in black and white, the pieces of the composition contrast each other and create rhythm. The use of white space allows for the images to breathe since they’re not stacked on top of each other. This also allows a small rest for the viewer’s eye. There is unity shown through the color choice of a full black and white image.

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