Stop Motion Research

Animation has taken yet another turn towards furthering itself through a new technique. This technique was stop motion animation, which involved objects and many pictures being put together to make it look as though the objects were moving. There were many different types of stop motion animation, such as Claymation, cutout animation, and even some stop motion involving real actors. There were also many artists around the time that stop motion came around. Two artists in particular during this point in animation history were Frank and Caroline Mouris.

Frank and Caroline Mouris used stop motion animation to create something that traditional animation until that point couldn’t do. The Mourises used a lot of cutouts for their animations, along with a lot of overlaying images. This created a greater sense of depth to the videos and animations than traditional animation could do. For example, in one work by Frank and Caroline Mouris, “Impasse,” at 0:15-0:25, there is an example of how overlaying objects (in this case they’re cutouts of stars) in a frame can create a sense of depth and movement that traditional animation just couldn’t. In their work “Coney” during 1:07-1:12 they use overlaying images. The images here create a sense of time moving and being lost through the animation. “Frankly Caroline” from 0:26-0:30 uses overlapping cutouts and objects to create depth. The movement in these animations is smooth and consistent, especially in 3:31-3:34 of “Frank Film.” By using different sizes of objects they are able to make it seem as if the camera is zooming into the action. The use sound in their animations and it goes well with the objects and movements in each piece. The sound either relates to the images, such as in “Frank Film” and “Frankly Caroline,” or it just goes along with the movement of the object in the animation, such as in “Impasse” and “Coney.” Frank and Caroline Mouris have created many works with stop motion animation, with the ones mentioned above only being a few.

Two artists in particular that used stop motion animation were Frank and Caroline Mouris. The two of them created many animations using stop motion and overlaying cutouts and other images. Their technique created a sense of depth and movement in their pieces that traditional animation at that time couldn’t achieve. Once stop motion animation came around, many artists jumped onto it and started creating new works with that style.

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