Gallery Talk


The feeling from this piece is a sort of happy feeling. When I look at it I see a new family frantically redecorating the house. I can see them painting over the new child’s room with smiles on their faces and laughter in the air. There is a sense of peace and harmony with the four outlets. The overall image is balanced since there is more blue along the bottom with just a thin bit at the top. The four outlets also help to balance the image. There is an implied sense of movement from the excess paint strokes going over the outlets.

IMG_20151001_115930 IMG_20151001_115942

Looking at this, the immediate thing I see is color. After looking for a little longer, I see that each of the lines of color are different weights and slanted. This gives the painting the overall feeling of someone hiding who they truly are. When I look at this, I see someone hiding behind a mask, faking their personality. The amount of blue and purple in here add to that feeling of sadness. Since the lines are slanted, I feel like the mask could be failing or falling off as the person hiding behind it starts to reveal who they truly are. The picture has a sense of rhythm because the slanted lines are carried through the whole image. Although there are different colors, the separate blocks help to balance the image. The use of color here makes it eye catching and the use of line direction helps to move the eye through the piece.

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