Tree Allegory


The above design inspiration came to me while I was in the woods taking pictures of the Labyrinth Tree. After thinking about nature and how much life it has, I was hit with the realization that most of these lives are used for other purposes every day without us paying much attention to it. I wanted to show that in this design, so I wrote the words, “One life… Many fates,” twice in the poster to give an impact. There is also a second photograph which contains a book, a sketchbook, a notebook, and a table, signifying that a tree had become many different things. The lowered opacity and faint lines crossing the picture are there to give the effect of a reflection in a window, so the that viewer is seeing nature, but isn’t really experiencing it. That to me, is why we go day to day without giving much thought to nature and everything those lives do for us.

The thick black frame around the photo contrasts with the white space in the poster, which puts emphasis on the photo, drawing the eye to it. At first glance, the picture seems confusing and cluttered, but after looking down to the word at the bottom of the poster and then back up, things start to come into view. The composition is balanced with the asymmetrical design. There is more objects near the bottom of the photo, but because they’re very light and white, they balance with the colorful leaves filling the top. There is harmony and unity in the piece because the tree trunk moves the eye of the viewer throughout the picture. The faint lines crossing the picture also help to unify the design because they connect everything.

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