A Day in the Life…


The purpose of this project was to show someone through a day in my life. I start my day by getting woken up by the sunlight coming through the window, and then trudge to class, still half asleep as I eat something that can resemble the form of breakfast. After my English and Math class, I go to my different Art classes, which is represented by the Macbook and the Sketchbook in the third panel. I’ll take winding paths back to my dorm room after classes, so that I can enjoy nature and get some fresh air. Then, it’s back up what seems to be a maze of stairs. Finally I end my day with a hot shower and crawl into bed waiting to do it all again the next day.

The achromatic color scheme really helps the contrast of the piece. What is filled in and heavier in weight, pops out more. The use of lines flowing from one panel into the next helps to drag the viewer’s eyes throughout the piece.

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