Point, Line, and Plane


Photography and Paper,   20″x15″                                                                          2015

In this piece, I have used a lot of square and rectangular shapes. This gives the piece an overall sense of stability. The photos in the above piece are of the stairs in my building. They’re kind of bland when it comes to color, which is why I have taken brightly colored paper and created abstract pieces and cut out parts of the photos to make them more abstracted. Life in a residence hall is never dull and boring, so I wanted to try and convey that with the use of the bright colors. The photos are set at different angles for the same reason that the overall design is asymmetrical; you never know quite what to expect in life and living on campus can turn your life and thoughts around all sorts of ways. The design is balanced despite the asymmetrical layout because the use of color is evenly distributed. The contrast of the black background with the bright colored paper draws the viewers attention to the piece. The arrangement of the photos and the angle of the staircases in the photos helps to bring the viewers eye around the piece.

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