Technological Takeover


Photograph: Mixed Media, 12″x14″                               2015
What would happen if we let technology rule our lives? Haven’t we done that already? There are many technologies that we use daily without even thinking about. “Kanuck,” represents myself, because last names are how we separate ourselves from others; spelled using the different cords that go to the technology I need to get through my day, showing that technology has already taken over my life, as well as many others. There is rhythm in the cords in the pattern of black and white, which increases the dramatic feel of the overall black and white composition. The lines made from the cords are very soft edged and organic, showing that we are still human. The ends of the cords, are the points, all the USB and cable inputs are there, reminding us that we still depend upon technology. The angle that each composition is set at gives a sense of depth to each.



Drawing: Colored Pencil, 14″x20″                                            2015
The color interpretation done with colored pencil shows the opposite feeling of the technological takeover; it seems joyful, shown by the use of bright colors. I’ve used the bright colors in this version to show that, maybe relying on technology isn’t so bad. I love being able to reach anyone at anytime through my phone or computer, and I love being able to dry my hair after a shower, especially in the winter. The use of mostly white space in the background helps to emphasize the technology in the center of the image.
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